WCCH Now Provides a “High Tech, Soft Touch” Mammogram


Wytheville, VA - Women who undergo routine mammograms at Wythe County Community Hospital now have access to the latest diagnostic and comfort technology available.  Wythe County Community Hospital provides all women with a digital mammogram along with MammoPad®, a breast cushion that makes the exam more comfortable.

Wythe County Community Hospital is very excited to offer the newest technology for breast cancer detection. Digital mammography uses computers and specially designed digital detectors to produce an image that can be displayed on a high-resolution computer monitor, and transmitted and stored just like computer files.

Digital mammography provides high quality breast images and special tools that allow the radiologist to see more detail than ever before. This advanced imaging technology helps clinicians detect breast cancer at the earliest stage possible.

In addition to offering superior mammography technology, Wythe County Community Hospital offers a warmer, softer and more comfortable mammogram by using the MammoPad breast cushion for every patient.  MammoPad has been clinically demonstrated to reduce discomfort, associated with mammograms, for most women. This breast cushion is “invisible” to X-rays and does not interfere with the image quality of the mammogram.

Dr. Karl Ritch, Radiologist at WCCH said, “early detection of breast cancer is so important and the use of the MammoPad will make mammography more comfortable.  I hope this encourages more women to be screened for early breast cancer when it is often curable.”

“I am very excited about raising the standard of care for our patients.  By offering women a softer mammogram, our center hopes to increase the number of area women who follow recommendations for regular screenings,” stated Kelly Combs, Director of Imaging Services at Wythe County Community Hospital.  For further information, please call 228-1715.

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