Wythe County Community Hospital offers Innovative LINX® Reflux Management System to Patients with Acid Reflux

December 2, 2019

Wythe County Community Hospital recently performed its first LINX® laparoscopic, fundic-sparing anti-reflux procedure that brings relief to patients with acid reflux. 

Performed by Dr. Christopher Downing, general surgeon, the case is the first at Wythe County Community Hospital. Patients in Wythe, Bland and surrounding counties now have access to relief from their reflux disease through this minimally-invasive procedure which is performed laparoscopically.

“We consistently strive to meet our mission of Making Communities Healthier and the addition of the LINX® procedure to our Heart Burn Program is an excellent example,” said Joseph Wilkins, CEO at Wythe County Community Hospital. “Wythe County Community Hospital is the first and only facility to provide the LINX® procedure within our service area. Our team of surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare providers are utilizing their updated skills and equipment to ensure we provide the best care to our community.”

The LINX® device is designed to treat patients with severe heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease and augments the lower esophageal sphincter, preventing the stomach acid from escaping.

The procedure involves the laparoscopic implantation of the LINX® device that is made up of magnetized titanium beads connected by titanium wires, which are placed around the lower esophagus just above the stomach. The magnetic beads constrict to prevent acid from escaping out of the stomach while allowing the patient to eat and swallow normally.

The procedure is done laparoscopically using a camera and tools that are placed through five small incisions, which minimize the recovery time and risks to the patient. The procedure lasts between 30-45 minutes and patients can resume a normal diet that night.

To schedule an appointment, call the Physician Referral Line (PRL) at 1.800.424.DOCS (3627) or contact your primary care physician.