Wythe County Community Hospital Launches New Service – Inpatient Dialysis

January 21, 2019

Wythe County Community Hospital launched a new service to the patients today – Inpatient Dialysis.

Previously patients needing inpatient dialysis would have been transferred to another facility, adding expense and inconvenience for families who would have to travel far to be with their loved ones.

Dialysis patients admitted to the WCCH now have the opportunity to stay at the hospital while receiving treatments for other medical needs and receive dialysis without the hassle of being transported far from home to another facility. 

Wythe County Community Hospital partnered with Fresenius Medical Care North America, the leading provider of kidney care products, services and renal care company to launch the new inpatient dialysis service line.  

Fresenius Medical Care will allow Wythe County Community Hospital to provide a comprehensive suite of inpatient services that will include:

•Licensed inpatient dialysis nurses and certified technicians
•National policies and procedures and National Quality Assessment and Improvement Program 
•Water treatment standards that meet AAMI guidelines
•Dialysis specific supplies needed to perform treatments

Fresenius Medical Care’s Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Program is a pro-active, systematic process that monitors and improves the quality of patient care as measured by indicators tailored for the inpatient setting.  The QAI Program monitors evaluates and recommends improvement activities focused on relevant indicators that impact patient care and clinical performance.

An interdisciplinary team of licensed and experienced inpatient dialysis nurses and technical staff and other acute dialysis experts designed this program specifically for the unique challenges presented in the inpatient care setting.  

For additional information, contact us at 276.228.0200.