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To learn more about bone and joint services at Wythe, call 800.424.3627

Call 800.424.3627

Wythe County Community Hospital has offered orthopedic services to the communities of Wythe, Bland and surrounding counties for over 30 years. No matter how big or small the problem, you’ll find patient-centered care from our team of professionals.

From sprains and strains to ligament repairs, and carpal tunnel syndrome to complex spinal surgeries, we’re here to help solve whatever causes you pain.

Our Orthopedic Treatment

If joint pain is keeping you from the activities you love, you don’t have to give up on what makes you happy. Our joint treatment program can get you back to living your life, with treatments including:

• Full hip replacement

• Full knee replacement

• Partial knee replacement

• Full shoulder replacement

• Pain management injections

• Epidural injections

• Physical therapy

• MRI and X-rays on site

Quality DesignationsDesignated Blue Distinction Center in Hips and Knee Surgery.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Virginia recognizes our quality, and has awarded Wythe County Community Hospital a Blue Distinction Center in Hips and Knee Surgery. This prestigious national award demonstrates high quality and improved outcomes for people receiving treatment, with lower rates of complications and fewer return trips to the hospital.

Treatment Options


Orthopedic surgeons often recommend that patients explore non-surgical treatments first when they experience joint pain. Whether you are exploring conservative treatments or have decided to undergo surgery you may be a candidate for rehabilitation services. Wythe County Community Hospital's rehabilitation services offer an experienced interdisciplinary team of professionals. Together, they assist patients who are experiencing joint pain or certain orthopedic injuries or surgeries, and arthritic conditions to improve their functional abilities and maximize successful outcomes.

Our joint replacement program also includes full physical therapy and surgery prep to make your recovery faster and easier.

To learn more about bone and joint services at Wythe, call 800.424.3627