What is Hospice?

Hospice of Southwest Virginia is a health care organization that provides help and support to people with a limited life expectancy.

Comprehensive Care

Hospice seeks to meet the varied needs - physical, emotional, spiritual, social - of our patients and their families.

Team Approach

The plan of care is developed by the Interdisciplinary Group that consists of the attending physician, medical director, patient care supervisor, nurse, social worker, chaplain, home health aide, pharmacist and support services coordinator.

Symptom Control

Hospice focuses on the management of pain and other symptoms. Successful control of painful and distressing symptoms lessens the fears and burdens of the patient and family, allowing patients to be more alert, to live their remaining days more fully, and to use their energies in ways that give heightened meaning to life.

Goals and Objectives of Hospice

  • Provide supportive, palliative care by an interdisciplinary team through scheduled visits and 24-hour on-call R.N. support.
  • Provide expert symptom control, focusing on pain management.
  • Assist the patient and family in maintaining as much control over the circumstances of progressive illness as possible.
  • Teach the family how to manage and care for the patient in the home.
  • Provide a supportive environment for the patient and family when care in the home is not possible.
  • Offer a community-wide educational and consultative program to patients, families, and healthcare providers.
  • Provide bereavement support to the family for at least one year after the loss of the patient.