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Is Chronic Pain Affecting You?

Millions of people live with chronic pain, which can affect a particular body part like the hip, back, or neck, or be experienced as general all-over body pain. But whatever part of you hurts, you just want the pain to stop. Because pain symptoms vary from person to person, the right pain treatment must be tailored to the individual. Fortunately, there are many treatment options for pain management.

Pain Causes and Diagnosis 
Pain can take many forms, from an occasional stabbing or throbbing feeling, known as acute pain, to a steady pain that won't go away, or chronic pain. Each type of pain also has a different cause. Figuring out what kind of pain you have is important since it can help determine the best strategy for pain management

Pain Treatment
No matter what the source of your pain, there's a treatment that can help you get it under control. Because pain has both physical and psychological components, a good pain management plan may include therapy and alternative medicine options as well as medications.

Find the Right Pain Management Team
Pain can come from a variety of diseases, disorders, and injuries, and there are physicians who specialize in treating each of those sources of pain. Finding the right pain management specialist can be crucial when you're living with chronic pain. 

Proper pain management often involves more than just one physician. Many hospitals now offer pain centers at which pain management specialists from numerous medical disciplines work together to ease patients' pain and where doctors work alongside nurses, therapists, and even social workers as part of a larger team.

Wythe Center for Pain Management
Our board-certified physician and staff are dedicated to finding the source of your chronic pain and providing the best relief possible.  We provide physical therapy, medication management, pain relieving procedures, and referrals for additional assistance (pain psychology, surgery, etc.) when necessary. We are committed to your wellness. 

Wythe Center for Pain Management treats your chronic painful conditions with proven techniques. By thoroughly reviewing your past medical records, discussing your medical history, performing a physical examination, and updating the necessary diagnostic tests, we identify the source of your pain. Next, we organize a plan to best target your pain generator.  At subsequent visits, we will adjust that that plan, always striving to make your daily activities more manageable and your life more productive and enjoyable. 

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